About UsOur Brand: Our styles are designed appeal to a broad range of tastes and can be worn in any situation. Perhaps you like African inspired-design, or you want to celebrate the heritage of your ancestors. Maybe you want to be in the spotlight at your next family reunion or at a party. You may be going to a cultural event or want to show your African friend that you support their culture. In any situation, our designs will give you a look to shine.

If you are of African descent, Kankou Elegance will help you to reconnect with African culture by offering you an authentic African-inspired design combined with a modern touch.

Mission statement:
 Kankou Elegance (Mosaan) is bringing a combination of traditional and modern look with creative fashion design.

Vision: We believe in empowering young entrepreneurs and inspire them to thrive through excellence.

Our Story

Kankou Elegance aims to empower young entrepreneurs by providing the opportunity to showcase their designs and clothing through our online store. In Senegal entrepreneurs aspire to grow their business, but a lack of funding and support make this challenging. We exist to bridge the gap between up and coming entrepreneurs and their dreams. Our designs combine West African design with contemporary styles for convenient and relevant wearability. Our focus is more than clothes, it is transforming a generation and the lives of young entrepreneurs.